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About RaceClocker
What is RaceClocker?

RaceClocker is a do-it-yourself tool for manual timing of sports races. Our app offers an easy and fast alternative to chip timing or stopwatches. If you're a coach or race manager and you can't use transponders then RaceClocker is an excellent solution for high quality timing of your race.

From any connected laptop, tablet or smartphone a race can be timed from start to finish for each race participant. Start, finish and up to four split points along the course can be at different locations. A race can be timed from as many devices as you like, also on multiple devices at the same timing point. RaceClocker provides and shares instant live results of your race.

For many race managers and coaches the use of transponder based timing is too expensive or too much hassle and therefore often out of reach for small clubs or events. And for many sports on water or snow or at remote locations chip timing is highly unpracticle. Timing races manually with stopwatches or an timing app is still widespread practice for small events but it's slow, error prone and requires lots of manual work.

We have simplified stopwatch based timing with RaceClocker. What started as a small personal project to make a simple timing app for our annual race at our rowing club, ran a bit out of hand when we started to extend the tool as a self-service web application. Nowadays RaceClocker takes care of race creation and start list set up or import, accurate timing at start, finish and up to four split points and additionally it provides live results available to share or publish.

Continuous improvement

What's currently up and running here is a robust version of RaceClocker that has been tried and tested for over ten thousand real races and trials accross the globe. We're making it better and more useful every day based on our users' experience, input and feedback. We welcome our users to share stories and make suggestions for improvements or requests for new features.

Who we are?

We at RaceClocker have been competitive sports enthusiasts for quite a number of years. We enjoy rowing, cycling, running and ice speed skating mixed with some mountain biking and hiking to stay fit and healthy. We’re also involved in organizing time trials and races ourselves where we use RaceClocker for race management and timing.

We hope you like using RaceClocker just as much as we enjoy building it.


Cees van Dok Strava