Race Results SMRC Head of the River 2019
3.6 km Rowing - Time Trial
Sunday 31 March 2019, 16:30
Web site:www.smrc.ie
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RankBow nrNameResultSpeed
Mens J18A 8+
11St. Michaels00:14:44.714.65 km/h
22Shannon00:15:17.014.13 km/h
Mens Senior 4-
13St. Michaels00:14:39.014.74 km/h
Mens J18A 4X-
14St. Michaels00:17:47.612.14 km/h
Mens Masters 8+
19St. Michaels (e 440)DNS-
Mens J16 4X+
16St. Michaels A00:18:42.511.55 km/h
28St. Michaels B00:19:34.811.03 km/h
Womens Intermediate 2X
120St. Michaels00:20:04.010.76 km/h
Womens J15 8X+
111St. Michaels00:18:23.511.74 km/h
Womens J16 4X+
112Shannon00:18:38.311.59 km/h
Womens Novice 4X+
113St. Michaels00:19:38.311.00 km/h
Womens Inter 8+
15St. Michaels00:15:50.113.64 km/h
Mens J15 4X+
110Shannon00:19:11.211.26 km/h
Womens J15 4X+
114Shannon00:20:06.810.74 km/h
215St. MichaelsDNS-
Mens Rec 4x
117LBC00:27:27.17.87 km/h
216St. MichaelsDNS-
Womens Rec 4x
118St. MichaelsDNS-

DNS = Did not Start
DNF = Did not Finish
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